Sports Injury

Being active and participating in sports is not just for the young and athletes of all ages require sports injury treatment. Whether you are a pro or a weekend warrior, you can count on Dr. David Dils, a board certified chiropractor at Dils Chiropractic in Carlisle, PA, to help you to recover as quickly as possible.

Sports injury treatment can be as simple as a strain or a sprain or as complex as vertebrae that have been misaligned. Both soft tissue and hard tissue are vulnerable, especially in contact sports, but repetitive motion sports can put a lot of wear and tear on joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Your chiropractor will do an initial evaluation to see where the injury is and recommend the appropriate treatments. 

Manual manipulation

Manual manipulation is a hands-on treatment and your chiropractor will move the vertebrae that have become misaligned. This can be a gentle process, or it can be quite vigorous depending on the patient, the location of the misalignment, and the tightness of the surrounding soft tissues. Once things are back in alignment, it makes the whole body operate at a higher level. 

Instrument adjustments

The Velocity Adjustor is a handheld device that the doctor uses to gently adjust the vertebra. It does not produce the normal popping sound that comes with manual adjustment. All you will feel is a gentle tapping on your spine. It produces a much quicker adjustment, and it is more relaxing for the patient.

Electric stimulation therapy

Electric stimulation therapy uses low current electricity applied to the muscles in the area of injury. It causes the muscles to make small contractions and after a while, the muscles get tired and relax. This helps the area where the injury is to be more receptive to other therapy your chiropractor may want to use. 

Hot/cold packs

Hot and cold pack therapy is used to help an injured area. The cold packs help to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the time right after an area is injured. It reduces muscle spasms and lowers the pain level. Heat can be very soothing and helps to increase circulation to the injured area. 

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy uses light to help heal injuries. The radiation raises the heat level minimally in the area where it is used and produces healing by reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain. 

For sports injury treatment, contact Dr. Dils of Dils Chiropractic in Carlisle, PA. at 717-241-6263. We also serve Cumberland County, Newville, Mt. Holly Springs, and Boiling Springs.

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