Extremity Adjustments

Though chiropractors are most famous for performing spinal adjustments, being trained in the entire musculoskeletal system means they are also excellent at performing extremity adjustments. Household falls, auto accidents, and even an aggressive hobby can lead to an joint injury in the limbs that needs adjusting. Dr. David T. Dils of Dils Chiropractic, serving Carlisle, PA, can help you with this.

What Are Extremity Adjustments?

Adjustments are the manipulation of the joints of the body to restore and promote their natural range of motion. Our office provides adjustments by hand and by instrument. Extremity adjustments are the performance of manipulations to the shoulders, hips, arms, and legs. 

What Can Require Extremity Adjustments?

Extremity adjustments are usually needed when a joint becomes dislodged or otherwise compromised. Most often, this occurs when the body or extremity receives a sudden impact. This can happen in many ways, with the most common being:

  • Auto accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Sports/hobby injuries
  • Injuries sustained at home

If a joint has become compromised, it often requires an outside force to be placed back in position. It may then require continued adjustment treatments while the patient’s muscles become strong enough to keep it in place. 

Are Acute Injuries Required for Extremity Adjustments?

Not necessarily. General wear and tear can cause the components of joints to slowly move out of place. 

Extremity adjustments can also be used to help treat ailments that affect the joints, such as osteoarthritis.

What Are the Benefits of Extremity Adjustments?

Extremity adjustments help to ensure that our joints are functioning at their best capacity. This reduces the likelihood of injury, especially strains, dislocations, and hyperextensions in the future. This is particularly helpful for those who live an active lifestyle. 

Regular extremity adjustments can also reduce pain caused by inflammation or overuse of the muscles. 

If Carlisle, PA area residents have been experiencing joint pain and wonder if extremity adjustments may be able to help, call 717-241-6263 to schedule a consultation with Dr. David T. Dils so that the professionals of Dils Chiropractic can help you begin experiencing relief today!

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