Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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What Are the Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Electric muscle stimulation is one way of conducting physio therapy. This physical modality involves the usage of electrodes and electrical currents to stimulate a patient’s muscles.

Once an electrode engages a muscle, it will cause contractions to take place. The intensity of the contraction will vary based on the amount of electrical current flowing through the electrode. The doctor will be in charge of controlling the electrical current.

So, what does contracting your muscles using electrical currents achieve?

For starters, electric muscle stimulation is useful for healing. The contractions will direct blood towards your damaged muscle. Once blood flow improves in that area, your muscle will be able to heal faster.

You should also try out electric stimulation if you are currently dealing with muscle pain.

During a treatment session, your doctor can configure the electrodes in such a way that they impact your nervous system. After they are properly configured, the electrodes can prevent pain signals from being transmitted. They can also trigger the release of endorphins so you can experience even more pain relief.

Inflamed muscles may also return to normal faster thanks to electric stimulation.

It’s worth noting that electric stimulation can also be used to strengthen muscles. If you want to quickly regain the use of your previously injured muscles, undergoing electric stimulation will help.

Consult with Dr. Dils of Dils Chiropractic in Carlisle, PA if you want to try electric muscle stimulation.

What Can You Expect during Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Before the doctor starts muscle stimulation, you should first point out the parts of your body that need treatment. The doctor will then apply the electrodes to those body parts.

With the electrodes in place, the doctor will activate the machine and start stimulating your muscles. They will start the treatment session with the electrical current on the lowest available setting. From there, they will gradually increase the electrical current to intensify the contractions.

You will likely feel tingly at this time. If you are undergoing treatment to strengthen your muscles, the doctor may ask you to flex your muscles periodically. Otherwise, you can just relax as the treatment continues.

Patients should never feel uncomfortable at any point during treatment. Let the doctor know right away if you are feeling uncomfortable because there may be something wrong.

Treatment sessions featuring electric muscle stimulation typically last for about 10 to 15 minutes.

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